Thanks for the reply, you've raised a couple of points I need clarification upon...

Attributes added to product code are not automatically present in the objects defined by that code, only those created by that code. Methods, however, will be present on all instances of a given class. I won't bother to connect the dots for you.

These attrubutes whilst not stored in ZODB *are* still available as the persistent data is bound to the class during the setstate call. Is this not so??

Are you sure that you have a product for all those potential orphans out there? Otherwise, the above won't work: you'll need to look for distinct signature somehow, presuming those objects even function: I don't know how true orphans behave.

Yes, if I am to believe the Logger in that it's not throwing up any nasty ZODB messages as it's unpickling all the storage.

So, has anyone got some ingenious way to upgrade this persistent data into the new object type??

Cheers, Alan

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