I have a site with lots of structured text.

There are many <img src='/some/image'> tags in the texts. But after upgrading from Zope 2.51 to Zope 2.61, I get broken images all over the place.


<img src='images/kreativ.jpg' align='left'>

This tag is turned into::

<img src="%3Ccode">images/kreativ.jpg align='left'&gt;


<img src="images/kreativ.jpg" align="left">

is rendered correctly.

It used to work. Does anybody know why it doesn't? What is the easiest way to get around this.

It is not supposed to be illegal to put a tag like that into structured text, is it?

I think that the most likely culprit is the stx parser seing some part of the <img> tag as inlined code. Unfortunately I have not been able to hunt it down myself.

And it is a bit strange as there should be space around inline code.

Does anybody here has a clue what it can be, or in what files I should look for the problem?

The most likely files I found was::


But the problem could easily be elsewhere.

regards Max M

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