Chris McDonough wrote:

> It's not a good idea to mix HTML and STX.. STX (at least using the
> DocumentWithImages class for the document) has its own notation for
> including image, e.g.
>     "DTML error message indicating that it cannot find a
>     variable.":img:7-1:Figures/7-1.png

Yes. But I don't think that the image tag is the problem. I tried to change the HTML factory in


def HTML(aStructuredString, level=1, header=1):
    st = Basic(aStructuredString)
    doc = DocumentImages(st)
    return HTMLNGImages(doc,header=header,level=level)


def HTML(aStructuredString, level=1, header=1):
    st = Basic(aStructuredString)
    doc = Document(st)
    return HTMLNG(doc,header=header,level=level)

So that it would use the old class.

But that changed nothing. It still rendered the html image tag as an error.

Also in the there is the regex:

def doc_img(
self, s,
expr1=re.compile('\"([ _a-zA-Z0-9*.:/;,\-\n\~]+)\":img:([a-zA-Z0-9\_\-.:/;,\n\~]+)').search,
expr2=re.compile('\"([ _a-zA-Z0-9*.:/;,\-\n\~]+)\":img:([a-zA-Z0-9\_\-.:/;,\n\~]+):([a-zA-Z0-9_\-.:/;,\n\~]+)').search

Suggesting at least that images should have the ":img:" to be recognised as an image tag.

So my second guess was that it is the in the ctag() function at line 335 in that the problem was. But I cannot find any problems with the regexs. Also a diff didn't show any significant changes in that file from 2.51 to 2.61

I don't understand it. Inline code should 'look like this'.

If there is no space before, it should not render as code.

ie. a tag='like this' should not render as code as there is no whitespace before it.

To quote the source:

- Text enclosed single quotes (with white-space to the left of the
first quote and whitespace or punctuation to the right of the second quote) is treated as example code.

> It was only by accident that using HTML tags to place images into STX to > work for you, unfortunately.

Ay, that sucks. Customers have been using it for 2-3 years now. And they have many many documents. I could write a converter, for converting it into the new image tag, but that would suck too.

regards Max M

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