Hello, ZOPE-DEVers
I would like to be able to not only generate different language content via the .po .mo files, (as I have breifly learned about via the online documentation), but also have my own different images (and ultimately title banners) appear with graphical text that is also in multiple different languages.

Simply... I'm asking if you would please give a code example of how an image can also be multi-language dynamic with ZOPE.

I wondered if it would be in the .po files that each image would simply have different code (or "<IMG SRC="s) or if one puts something like a <IMG SRC=/images/titles/mainPageTitle.jpg?language=fr>, or maybe a dynamic component is referenced that has it's own po+mo file, or .... something else?

Please help me understand if this product is right for us, with an example that shows what one does in ZOPE to achieve this desired effect of multi-language banner/images.


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