I'm just about to start writing the checkin logs for the merge of new-style
ExtensionClass and ZODB 3.3 into the Zope 3 head. I expect the merge to be done
within the next hour or two.

Except for a test failure and some warnings pre-existing on the head, all of the
tests and Zope runs.  This is a huge change though and I expect this to be the
beginning of a period of relative instability.  Hoepfully, we can all work
together to quickly address whatever problems come up.

As I mentioned in another message, old Zope 2 databases won't work on the
head for a while until I have a chance to come up with a mechanism for converting
ancient BTrees and intSets.  Unfortunately, until a change I checked into
the Zope 2.7 branch on Wednesday, Zope was continuing to use the old
depricated BTrees for a key data structure.


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