Brad Clements wrote:
> Yesterday I switched my Linux machines to use clockspeed 0.62 and
> therefore had to switch to the right/EST5EDT timezone.
> Today my client calls rather upset that lots of data has disappeared
> from his database, etc..

Interesting, I've been using right/US/Pacific myself for ages but I
never experienced any pain from it.  Then again, I never noticed
DateTime was getting stuff wrong until you pointed this out.
> >>> y = DateTime.DateTime(dx) y
> DateTime('2003/12/01')
> >>> y.strftime("%a %b. %d")
> 'Sun Nov. 30'
> >>> y.strftime("%a %b %d %H:%M:%S")
> 'Sun Nov 30 23:59:38'

Lovely.  Its always bugged me that DateTime carried all its own zone
information, but I guess even the datetime python modules punt in this
regard.  What I'm currious to know is how this caused problems for
you, or your clients.  I'd like to avoid those problems myself if I
can help it.

Jamie Heilman           
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