Eric Roby wrote:

We are trying to make a 'folderish' (WebDAV Collection) class appear as
a WebDAV Resource to WebDAV clients. I won't go into the reasons why we
want to do this unless someone is interested. We have made several
attempts at this but have been unsuccessful to date. Rather than go
into all the gory details about what we have tried I am asking if anyone
could tell me if it is even technically possible to trick the WebDAV
machinery (server/client) into treating this class in this way?

Are you trying to use webdav.Collection by itself? That won't work: it's a mix-in class, meant to enable WebDAV support for actual collections of objects, like Folders. There's precious little to do to make Zope visible to WebDAV clients: just one switch (and maybe one permission) to throw. Very much like Zope's FTP support. Perhaps you should read


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