Brian Lloyd wrote:
Good call. I think it would be best to make sure the docstring of the new method is clear on its reason for being. I think somewhere there is an interface file that is used to generate some of the api docs - ideally that can get updated too.

What is the Right Way to keep api docs in sync?

Example 1:

ZCatalog/IZCatalog.py seems to be more up to date, but ZCatalog/help/ZCatalog.py is used by the Zope Help System and I guess also to generate api docs.

Example 2:

I did add OFS/IOrderSupport.py, but how will it become part of help and api docs? Is there a better way than copying it to OFSP/help? I hate to add redundant code because - as example 1 shows - it is hard to keep the files in sync.

CMF uses the interface files also as help files. As interface files become more and more common in Zope it might make sense to do the same in Zope.

Cheers, Yuppie

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