Lennart Regebro wrote:
I just checked in (on regebro-esmpt_support-branch) support for setting a
username and password on the mailhost. Very nice and easy fix, and lot's of
people want it.

But I realized that what you actually might want is to have different login
and password for each user, that is a possibility to pass username +
password to send(). And maybe you want a setting to allow this or not.

Or is this overkill? What do you think?

(This is for all for 2.8, obviously).

Yeah, I think that could be handy - especially where you have zope and your smtp-server authenticating off the same source (ldap?). Then if there was a question as to who sent a mail, you'd only have to look in the mail logs, and not try and cross-reference them with web logs.

Maybe have it so it uses the userid+password if it's available, or a specified id/password when it's an anonymous user.


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