I'm trying to upgrade my Zpydoc product to Python 2.3.2 from 2.1.3 and have come across a confusing situation in regard to the inspect.getmembers function.

This function uses the builtin dir() function to get a list of an objects attributes. For Zope products, I am getting a situation where returned attributes are not found in the object - explicitly __call__, __delattr__, etc etc.

I suspect this has something to do with python 2.2 class changes, and issues with ExtensionClass not behaving like a first class Python object. If someone can give me a complete explaination, I can decide upon appropriate behaviour..

In addition, there's a caveat upon the dir() function:

Note: Because dir() is supplied primarily as a convenience for use at an interactive prompt, it tries to supply an interesting set of names more than it tries to supply a rigorously or consistently defined set of names, and its detailed behavior may change across releases.

While this is fine for dir(), surely we do expect consistency across releases for inspect.getmembers....

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