Sidnei da Silva wrote:
If you look at FSPageTemplate, its obvious that it doesn't subclass
ZopePageTemplate, but the solution is not so obvious. Using:

pt_getContext = ZopePageTemplate.pt_getContext.im_func

Wow, FSPageTemplate is lousy with this sort of thing, isn't it? I'd have spelled it ZopePageTemplate.__dict__['pt_getContext'], but your code works out to the same thing. I don't endorse this sort of cross-tree method copying, but if we're going to do it on this scale, at least we can make it tidier. Before the Globals.InitializeClass:

zpd = ZopePageTemplate.__dict__
for m in ('func_code', '_default_bindings', 'manage_FTPget',
          'get_size', 'PrincipiaSearchSource', 'document_src',
          'pt_getContext', 'ZScriptHTML_tryParams'):
  setattr(FSPageTemplate, m, zpd[m])

A similar error also happened with FSImage.__str__ (which is assigned
Image.__str__, but FSImage just subclasses FSObject).

Any thought on those?

Yep -- it seems very silly to copy a one-line method like that.


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