Phillip J. Eby writes:
 > That reminds me...  is there any way for section *names* to be 
 > case-sensitive, or at least case-preserving?  For example, if one were 
 > simulating Apache-style configuration like:

There isn't, but there was at some point.  Nobody here at ZC seemed to
think it useful at the time, so it was removed as a simplification.

What we had was a "nametype" attribute for <sectiontype> elements; it
was just another datatype function.

I'd be happy to have that back if there's a real use for it.  The
current situation, where the conversion is coded directly in
ZConfig.cfgparser, isn't very flexible.

Would it suit your requirements if the name type were associated with
the section type, and inherited from the base type if not specified?

 > Currently, IIRC, the '_name' attribute of the resulting section will be 
 > '/foo/bar/baz'.

The _name attribute is an implementation detail; use the
getSectionName() method instead.  I'm likely to change the _name
detail just to be facetious.  ;-)


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