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Ok so Jim mentionned it was possible to do rollback of subtransactions in Zope 2. How can I do that ? What's the idiom that would be equivalent to:

tid = startSubTransaction()
if something:



Steve Alexander wrote:

Why are you catching the exception?

Because I want to display a nice message to the user. If I don't catch the exception, it will go up to the Publisher that will display a not-nice error message. Hm are you suggesting I could provide a custom error message for that particular exception? That could work, but I would have like the flexibility of catching the exception from normal skin code and display my error message there.

Jim already mentioned a customised view on the exception.

Another option that is not as architecturally clean, but might work better for you, is to catch the exception, but doom the transaction.

I wonder if it's a good idea to support having an application say "I want to doom this transaction", and have the publication object just abort that transaction without returning an error page.

Steve Alexander

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