Dennis Allison wrote:

Does this mean that Zope 2.6.3 is compatible with Python 2.3.3? I would
be nice to retire 2.1.3.

A significant part of the effort for 2.6.3 (which was a backport from the original 2.7 work) lay in ensuring that the issues were fixed under all three Pythons (2.1.3, 2.2.3, 2.3.3). While we won't change the "officially supported" Python at this point in the 2.6 release cycle, you should know that our own projects have been running 2.6.x on 2.2.3 since at least June. After this effort, I have no reservations about recommending that those same customers begin evaluating the use of 2.3.3 for their 2.6-based Zope sites.

In addition, we have a major support customer who *must* upgrade to Python 2.3.3, in order to allow Data.fs on Windows to grow beyond 2 Gb; they are not, however, ready to upgrade Zope (yet) to 2.7. We therefor have incentive to fix at least *major* issues related to running 2.6.3 under Python 2.3.3 (cosmetics are a different story, of course).

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