Dennis Allison wrote:

Tried to do the former, but Python 2.3.1 would not build on RH9 with
significant brain surgery.  Updated RH9 to the bleeding edge and got
things mostly working except for some subsystems adn supporting systems
which use threading and would not work under the new threading model
without significant rework.  Hence the decision to revert to RH7.3.
Eventually we plan to move to a Gentoo system--I've been experimenting
with Gentoo and have found it to be fairly easy to construct a customized,
fast, and clean system although the time-to-build can be daunting.  After
some more testing I plan to move to Gentoo for production, a move
motivated by the bad experience I've had with RH9 and RedHat's new
business focus on the enterprise.

I am tracking Whitebox Linux ( at the moment: it is a "rebuild-RHEL-3-from-SRPM-under-RH-trademark-policy" distro, which seems to have decent momentum (updates flow through quickly, for instance).

One point of information, Tres. Was your positive experience over a range
of machines. We've pretty much standardized on dual processor Athlon
machines, 4GB memories, and hardware raid controllers in a RAID-10
configuration. It's possible that our problems with RH9 may be tied to some problem with their Athlon SMP systems.

Hmm, good point; we are using Dell's datacenter-class boxen, which are all Intel hardware. Our experiences with Athlon-based boxes were less happy, even under 7.3: we attributed the problems to the fact that they were "homebrew" hardware, rather than to problems with RH Athlon kernels.

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