Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
Dunno about any such plans right now, but that doesn't mean it won't happen, especially when it has become "stable" in Squid itself.


On Jan 12, 2004, at 20:08, Bjorn Stabell wrote:


Zope does not need "ESI support" - You can write ESI statements in
your templates without specific support from Zope.

Yes, but I think they were planning to make it easier from DTML/ZPT, a
la JSP's ESI library.

I would say that any attempt at a framework is premature: we need to do more "manual" ESI (like, deploy a couple of different kinds of sites) before we will begin to see what such a beast might look like.

One reason is that the range of use cases is somewhat unknown: personalization would be an obvious focus for some sites, for instance, while content aggregation would be more appropriate in another. The ESI integration will likely be dependent on the shape of the underlying application, too.

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