John Poltorak wrote:
I woulde be interested in converting an existing web site with numerous fairly static pages into one managed by Zope.

How would I go about doing this?

It seems pretty tedious having to upload each file individually, which is the only way I have found of doing it so far.

In all cases but one where I have been involved in converting one site to a Zope managed site, the people have scrapped the old site completely, and made a new one from scratch, with a new, improved structure and layout.

It involves a lot of copy/pasting text from the old site, sure, but the end resul is better.

If you are just to have a bunch of static files, you can just as well just use Apache anyhow. :)

And if you don't, there are products that let you store the files on the harddisk, where they are now, accessing them through Zope, but not needing to import them. LocalFS is the most common one, I think.

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