I downloaded 2.6.3 to do some testing and found that with a totally generic CMF-1.3.3 there is an issue with opening properties of a portal type. Here is the stack trace:

Traceback (innermost last):
  Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 98, in publish
  Module ZPublisher.mapply, line 88, in mapply
  Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 39, in call_object
  Module Products.CMFCore.utils, line 313, in manage_propertiesForm
  Module Shared.DC.Scripts.Bindings, line 261, in __call__
  Module Shared.DC.Scripts.Bindings, line 292, in _bindAndExec
  Module App.special_dtml, line 174, in _exec
  Module DocumentTemplate.DT_In, line 703, in renderwob
  Module DocumentTemplate.DT_Let, line 76, in render
  Module DocumentTemplate.DT_Util, line 201, in eval
   - __traceback_info__: select_variable
  Module <string>, line 0, in ?
AttributeError: min

I walked back up this stack but I can't say I quite get it. Any body else? Error is provoked just by licking on one of the type objects in portal_types of a newly created totally generic portal.


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