Evan Simpson wrote:
Update of /cvs-repository/Releases/Zope/lib/python/ZEO
In directory cvs.zope.org:/tmp/cvs-serv18593/lib/python/ZEO

Modified Files:
Tag: Zope-2_6-branch
simul.py Log Message:
Non-Python 2.1-compatible division operator "//" crept into 2.6 branch.

This is a result of some funny repository fiddling, which somehow got both 'ZEO' and 'BDBStorage' onto the 'Zope-2_6-branch'. I would like to remove the branch tag altogether, as neither module is part of the 2.6 release. Here is what I would propose doing::

  $ ssh cvs.zope.org
  $ cd /cvs-repository
  $ tar czf /tmp/Zope-just_in_case.tar.gz Zope
  $ ^D
  $ cvs -d :ext:cvs.zope.org:/cvs-repository \
    rtag -dB Zope-2_6-branch Zope/lib/python/ZEO
  $ cvs -d :ext:cvs.zope.org:/cvs-repository \
    rtag -dB Zope-2_6-branch Zope/lib/python/BDBStorage

Anybody know a reason why we shouldn't do this? The CVS docs seem to consider deleting branch tags a Bad Thing (TM), but I have never seen any rationale for it.

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