Jeremy Hylton wrote:
> You should take it up with the sysadmin on the zodb-dev list who wanted
> this feature :-).

They already had it, they just need to learn how to take advantage of
the environment they're working in.

> Daemons don't set the umask by themselves; they only do it when a
> sysadmin configures zdaemon to run with the --umask argument.

Thats good.
> All the advice I can find about writing daemon code suggests that
> setting the umask is desirable.

Its desirable in some circumstances, but not all.  Part of the problem
is people tend to blindly follow the traditional approach to daemon
design without bothering to actually do any critical thinking.  There
are several very reasonable arguments for deviation from the
historical approach.  Perhaps the most relevant argument is the same
old one about the Unix design philosophy; many small programs working
together is more a flexible and ultimately useful approach than a monolithic
one-program-does-it-all design.

Anyway, if you want to question authority, consider reading:
or or even better yet, look
back over the CVS commits and bugs fixed in the Zope code (or other
traditional-design daemons) that have been related to the current
design choices and think about how they could have arisen under the
more modular approach and how they might have been fixed in those

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