I would like to stop developing with JBoss and convert to Zope.

I have been able to figure most things out using the Zope website but I have
a few questions...

The majority of my code was in EJB's. So I am trying to create Zope products
to replace them.

What kind of naming service is available within Zope? For example, how can I
get a reference to one object from another object within Zope? This would be
the equivalent of a local interface in J2EE. In JBoss I would use a session
bean as the remote user interface and it would manage entity beans. So in
Zope if I have a non-persistent object as the XML-RPC published user
interface, how can I have it access persistent objects within Zope?

How can I create new objects programmatically in Zope? In J2EE I would get
get a home interface to a bean and then call a create method on it to create
the bean. I know how to create new objects using ZMI in Zope, but I need
objects to be created through remote calls from clients. For example if I
had objects that represent tasks in Zope, I need the clients to be able to
create and delete tasks. How do I do that?

Are there any other gotchas that ex J2EE developers can tell me about
switching to Zope?

I've read all the documentation I can find on the web site, so if I've
missed something please point me to it.

Ryan Boder

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