Sean wrote at 2004-1-24 11:12 -0500:
> ...
>Looking at the ZOPE 2.6.2 Source on the Windows machine, I see code for
>modules: Persistence.PersistentMapping, and Persistence.PersistentList
>On Linux, the Zope 2.6.1 Source has a Persistence Directory with nothing in
>it. The file says:
>     ...While obviously there is nothing in this module,
>     the correct names are inserted by the
>     in ZODB, jumpstarting the process."""
>Actually, the file on the windows machine says the same thing,
>but there ARE in fact source files in the directory for both the
>PersistentMapping and PersistentList modules - as well as some ".c" and ".h"
>files - as follows:
>    cPickleCache.c
>    cPersistence.c
>    cPersistence.h
>Would these be differences between the two versions of Zope, or are the
>classes not properly setup on the Linux box, and once they are, I could
>expect to see the source files that I see on the Windows box?
>Or, perhaps the way these classes were being implemented was changing
>between the two releases, and I should just upgrade both machines to 2.6.4
>which is listed as the current stable release, or 2.7.0rc1.

I know nothing about Windows :-)

I think, I read somewhere that "PersistentMapping" and "PersistentList"
should be moved out from "ZODB" to "Persistence" -- but only for Zope 2.8.
I would be surprised when the Windows installation were the place
where such things start...

I moved your question to "mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]" where
there are probably more people which can answer it.


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