Fred Drake and I have been working on getting Zope 3 working with ZODB 3.3. See:

(which is part of the Zope 2,8 plan)

We are currently working on milestone 2.  I *hope* to get this
done early this week. When we think everything is working, and
all the tests pass, we'll merge the changes into the head.
From that point on, both Zope 2 and Zope 3 will share:

- Common ZODB (3.3)

- Common interface package

This is a big enough change that it's bound to make things
interesting for Both Zope 2 and Zope 3, although the Zope 2
head is already in a rather unstable state.

Some additional notes:

- We will provide a script for converting ZODB 4 file storages
  to the ZODB 3 format.  All Zope 3 users that wish to continue
  using the head will need to run this script.

- We will cause some minor temporary breakage on the Zope 2 head.
  Specifically, broken object support will partially go away
  until we do milestone 3.

  Note that ZClasses are already broken on the Zope head.
  There were no tests to detect this when I merged the
  ExtensionClass rewrite and ZODB 3.3.


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