As Zope 2.7 looks like could-be-out-soon. I'd like to ask if there is
room for including the post-traverse patch in Zope 2.8. I'm currently
maintaining it as a patch on a branch for Zope 2.7, but would like to
see it back in the mainstream. 

Short description of it:

        -       Sometimes you want to run code before the published             object 
as in
the before_traverse hooks. But there you                miss to variables: The object
to be published and             security context.

        -       During traversal you can register yourself to be called                
 after those
two variables have been determined. This                results in a chain of methods
to be callen.

        -       When the methods are callen, they get the necessary             
contexts and
can return None (everything as usual) or                return something else, that
should be used for              publication instead of the object that was found by
                traversal. (Note: I intended it that the                
remains the one found by                traversal.) This also discontinues the chain
of post                 traversal calls.

If this is feature could be a candidate for 2.8, i'll write a more
in-depth proposal on it, and can provide the necessary code.


Christian Theune, gocept gmbh & co. kg
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