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The old installer didn't create an instance home, it just created a
software home.  The software home is still put into program files by the
new installer.

Ah. Well, I'm not sure I think C:\ is such a good place for the default anyway. I'll test things out and think about it, and maybe it get's magically changed before 2.8. ;-)

Do you mean that you don't think C:\Zope-Instance is a good default for
an instance home?  If so, I suppose I'd agree.  But I chose it because I
couldn't (and still can't) think of anything better.  As Tim said, we
could figure out the "application data" path, but as far as I can tell
no one really uses that or expects to actually find anything there, and
it's typically so verbose with so many path elements with spaces in them
that it would be painful to specify from the console, which for better
or worse, still needs to be used from time to time.

Heh, we could just avoid the whole problem by using a WindowsRegistryStorage for the database :)

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