Dieter Maurer wrote:

Zope itself does not fork (unless you use "system", "popen" or things like
that; in these cases, you do not want to bind the children to the same

Well, I had that impression as well, but here is the output of ps on my machines (edited for cruft-removal):

zope 32538 14379 0 Feb09 00:02:32 python2.1 -X -w NNNN
zope 32539 32538 0 Feb09 00:00:00 python2.1 -X -w NNNN
zope 32541 32539 0 Feb09 00:00:09 python2.1 -X -w NNNN
zope 32542 32539 0 Feb09 00:00:11 python2.1 -X -w NNNN
zope 32543 32539 0 Feb09 00:01:52 python2.1 -X -w NNNN
zope 32544 32539 0 Feb09 00:01:41 python2.1 -X -w NNNN

that is more than 2 processes for a single instance...

This is on both RH7.3 and RH AS 2.1...

I don't think these are threads, but I couldn't say for sure (and they have different pids). I don't know how tor turn threading off for ps/top.

How can I tell if these are threads or "real" processes?



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