Zope should have something like ASP's Response.IsClientConnected method,
which would allow app code to manually abort the processing of a request
in strategic places if the connection has already been closed.  I
mentioned this a while back, but never did do anything about it.  

On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 20:05, Bjorn Stabell wrote:
> > Bjorn wrote:
> > > I wonder if Zope also processes requests that have been closed from 
> > > the client end?  I know Zope will continue processing a request even
> > > if it times out at least (so you can do long-running requests, like 
> > > packing, through the web).  Many (all?) of these 300 requests would 
> > > have been closed by the time Zope got to process them, and so Zope 
> > > shouldn't bother with them.
> Casey wrote:
> > Why would they be closed by the client?
> Two scenarios:
> 1) The user gets tired of waiting for the page to come up after a few
> seconds and stopes or reloads it.  This is very common if the response
> time is above a few seconds.
> 2) After clicking on a link the user discovers another, better link, and
> quickly clicks on that one as well.  This is quite common for me, at
> least :)
> When Zope gets very loaded, response times suffer and these things
> happen more often; in our case with 300 requests in the pending queue,
> nobody would bother waiting 10 minutes for their page to come up (they'd
> stop the page loading and go somewhere else), so all the requests (most
> likely) would be needless; Zope is in fact just processing dead
> requests.
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