Hi all,

I am currently working on a project to generate a load of invoices for a client. In doing so I have developed a product RMLPageTemplates (can be downloaded from http://www.openapp.biz/devel ) which basically extends the PageTemplates product so that I can embed tal statements into a RML xml file and then use trml2pdf to produce a the invoice in PDF.

Now the client wants a book of all the current invoices which I create by basically following the instructions on this zopelab page (http://www.zopelabs.com/cookbook/1010674274) to loop through each of the invoices and to get the PDF data for that invoices using the mapply function and then to create one big PDF file with the texexec command line program.

Now the problem is that the Euro symbol which I have in the invoices is only showing up on the first page of my book and not any of the later pages. On the later pages I am seeing a question mark instead of euro symbol. By printing out the xml returned directly from the PageTemplate product (before it gets converted to PDF by the trml2pdf module) I can see that the euro symbol is missing from all but the first page in my loop and I have that dreaded question mark instead.I have seen the question mark showing up before when I had the charset and/or the xml encoding set wrong in but I thought I got around that.

I am pretty stuck at the moment and would appreciate any help

Thanks a million,

Michael Kerrin

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