I see Chris post at:


As far I see, this bug still existing in Zope 2.6.4, Zope 2.7.0.

Its strange because into Changes histore of Zope it seems to be fixed 
into 2.6.2:

 Zope 2.6.2 beta 2
Bugs Fixed

    * TemporaryStorage (which is used by TemporaryFolder, and thus the 
default sessioning configuration) no longer uses a "LowConflictConnection" 
database connection. This fixes a bug in which data structures used for 
session housekeeping data could become desynchronized; the symptom for 
this was KeyErrors being raised from TransientObjectContainer's get 
method. As a result, many more conflicts will be raised under high session 
load, but desynchronization will not occur.

Could you please at least point me where I can dig to get it fixed?
I will try to read Python code in Transience.Transience but I am not sure
in my qualification in this area.

Bug reported at zope.org as: http://zope.org/Collectors/Zope/848 but until
now there were no comments which help me to fix this.

may be something needs to be changed into my code? in the beginning
of many scripts I have the following:


please give me a hint.


Alex V. Koval

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