Chris Withers wrote:
Chris McDonough wrote:

Has anyone found a reasonable strategy for using Zope's to test
products that are installed outside the Zope software home?  I try
running it from the software home and using the --dir option to point it
to where my product is, but it tells me it can't find any tests.

I think I run (or somethign similar) from a shell script in which I set the PRODUCTS_PATH environment variable, as well as INSTACNE_HOME and SOFTWARE_HOME.

How shoudl I be looking to do that in Zope 2.7? ;-) needs to grow a --config-file option; if passed in, it should do the Zope.startup() dance with the passed file, e.g.::

------------------------------- 8< ----------------------------------
import Zope
import App.config
from Zope.Startup import handlers, options

def installConfigFileForTesting(config_file)
    opts = options.ZopeOptions()
    opts.realize(args=('-C', config_file))
    handlers.handleConfig(opts.configroot, opts.confighandlers)
------------------------------- 8< ----------------------------------

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