Jim Fulton wrote:

Martijn's suggestion was to use an alternate name for the "__implements__" attribute. I suppost I could do that -- call mine
"__narya_interfaces__", but that sounds ugly. In particular, I
don't really want my interfaces module to actually *conflict* with

As I mentioned on the zope3-dev list, you want to use the facade
Interface from (Packages3/Interface) in Zope 2.7. This is a bit of a
pain to set up. The facade will be a standard part of Zope 2.8.

As a note so Terry also sees; I couldn't get this to work.

Setting it up using the zope.conf 'path' setting in Zope 2.7 to include this on the Python path fails, as Zope actually imports the old (non facade) interface package before it gets to do configuration. This means the facade never is imported, as the next imports will re-use the cached initial import.

So I moved on to removing Zope 2's Interface package and replacing it with the facade Interface. For some reason I couldn't get this to start either. Perhaps I was fiddling with the paths wrong, but I couldn't get Zope 2.7 to start.

I've since gone back to my own hack using a different __implements__ attribute. Since Zope 3 interfaces use the 'implements()' directive anyway, this hack only breaks backwards compatibility to Z3 interfaces that *do* use __implements__ (this is deprecated however), and could break ZODB portability in case of persistent interfaces (there are currently pretty uncommon and I don't need them at the moment).

Perhaps Terry did get this to work; if so I'm curious to find out how.



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