[Chris McDonough]
> ...
> From this (and without a Windows machine in front of me), I can't
> really make any sense out of why your Activestate Python's
> sitecustomize.py is being found instead of Zope's Python
> sitecustomize.py if you're running Zope using the Zope Python install.
> I suspect it may be because of placement of your sitecustomize.py file
> and the rule named "We look in the registry for "application paths"",
> but that's a guess.

Yes, and the "application path" is specifically win32com, which ActiveState
installed.  That has the side effect of putting the ActiveState Python's
Lib/site-packages into sys.path, and it so happens that it ends up before
Zope's Lib/site-packages.  That's why Sake's sitecustomize.py is found
first.  It also so happens that all of ActiveState's win32all appears before
any of Zope's attempt to supply its own win32all, so there are multiple bugs
here.  AFIAK, these subtle sys.path glitches are in all of Zope Corp's
Windows offerings, except for the very recent ZRS-for-Windows 1.4 release.

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