Oops, sorry about that. It's hard to tell just by the descriptions on
Zope.org which is the best list for what.

Thanks for the other tip. :) I'll probably stick with holding a server-side
array with the info, though, as I might decide later to dynamically generate
the forms (there are a few) using the data held in there.

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> To: Sandra Chong
> Subject: Re: [Zope-dev] Order of Form Keys in REQUEST
> Sandra Chong wrote:
> > Thank you so much. :D You guys are legends. I will try keeping
> a separate
> > ordered list and save it in the session for the form handler to
> refer to.
> > Many thanks again. :)
> It is easier to save it in a hidden field in the form:
>      <input type="hidden" name="sorted_keys" value="key1,key1,key3,key4">
> And then you can get it like (PythonScript):
>      sorted_keys = REQUEST['sorted_keys'].split(',')
> But as far as I remember, a form keps the order of items in it, per the
> spec. So you could probably do:
>      <tal:block tal:repeat="key sorted_keys">
>          <input type="hidden" name="sorted_keys:list"
>                 tal:attributes="key">
>      </tal:block>
> Which you can get like (PythonScript):
>      sorted_keys = REQUEST['sorted_keys']
> And I am pretty shure that they are in order. But I could be wrong, so
> the first approach is probably the safest.
> Btw. These questions should really be asked on the Zope list, not
> zope-dev. zope-dev is for subjects regarding the development of zope,
> while the zope list is for development with Zope.
> regards Max M

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