Garito wrote:

Hi Chris!

Want I want exactly is to create a product's object by his name
programmatically not by the construction form
Is this posible?

You cannot know the name of the constructor function, unless you read the source.

The constructors added to Zope during the product initialisation can be both forms and actual function methods. There is no way of knowing which. And there can be more than two.

So you would need to write a factory function based on the info you can get from the source. Ie. in an external method. Something like::

def portal_factory(self, parent, portal_type, id='', title='',):

"Adds the content. A factory function."

    # generate a general id
    if id == '':
        id = self.ZopeTime().strftime(portal_type + '_%Y%m%d_%H%M%S')

zope_factory = parent.manage_addProduct

    # add the content
    if 'Document' == portal_type:

    elif 'Some Type' == portal_type:
        zope_factory['Some Type'].manage_addSomeTypeAction(id)

        raise 'Error adding portal_type'

    # get the newly added content
    obj = getattr(parent, id)
    # Add the title
    obj.title = title

return obj


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
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