Vandana Bajaj wrote:

Can any one tell me whether zope 2.6.2 version works with which versons of python.
Does it work with python 2.3. How?

Zope 2.6.2 is only "supported" on Python 2.1.3; however, I know of heavy production use that it works well with 2.2.3; the tests all pass with 2.3.3. I wouldn't recommend using any of the .0, .1, or .2 releases (oddly enough, the .3 releases all fix segfault bugs which only Zope seems to trigger).

my psycopg install in conflicting with the python version on my SUSE linux (python2.3) and the python version files in /Zope-home/lib/python2.1

<rant mode="obligatory"> *Don't* use the Python supplied by your OS / distribution for anything other than toy / eval use; the vendor may either configure the Python inappropriately, or may force an unwanted "upgrade" on you and break your site.

  The trick is to *always* build a custom Python for your Zope server;
  that lets you control which packages are installed into it, and how
  they are built, independent of the "stock" Python.

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