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Hi Sidnei,

On Freitag, Mär 12, 2004, at 19:39 Europe/Vienna, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

I just stumbled on a fancy one. MKCOL is protected by the 'Add
Folders' permission, which seems to be given only to Manager. This
completely prevents a member from creating a folder inside his Member
folder using webdav, unless someone gives the 'Add Folders' permission
to the 'Owner' role.

Aren't you mixing plain Zope and CMF here? In plain Zope, 'Add Folders' seems quite reasonable...

Now the question(s):

 - Should we give the permission to the Owner role by default?
 - Should we change the permission from Add Folders to something else?

How about:

- Should we give PortalFolder its own security declaration for MKCOL?


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