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This is a Zope Newbie here

Then you should be using the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list, [EMAIL PROTECTED] is for the development OF zope, not the development of applications WITH it.

When I am trying to pick up files from a Windows directory structure
(C:\tmp), the code seems to always return me the error BadRequest!

Look at LocalFS or ExtFile...

Exception type, value and traceback from the error_log object would be handy in any case...

This is saved as a code in the Extensions folder as

file = 'C:\tmp'
def readFile(file=file):
    fd = open(file, 'r')
    return lines

Is there some problem with the first line : file = 'C:\tmp"?? I have
tried all kinds of permutations!

well, does C:\tmp exists? Sounds like it might be a folder, which wouldn't work.

Also when iterating over the file objects using DTML

Might be best to stick to one problem per email...

<dtml-in expr="objectValues(['File','Folder'])">
<li><a href = "&dtml-absolute_url;">
<dtml-var title_or_id></a></li>

I get a listing of all the folders + files which have been created using
the ZMI.

Yes, what else would you expect?

Now I want Zope to pick up files and folders from C:\tmp and display all
the contents as direct URL's!. Problem is the above code picks up only
those files which are created explicitly by the ZMI (which are a part of
Zopes' custom database and are not directly accessible!)

The LocalFS product is what you're after...


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