Duncan M. McGreggor wrote:
> The Zope2 sprint has been focusing on HTTPServer, and one of
> the interesting ideas that came up was to replace asyncore with
> twisted. Several people have worked on this in the past, and we were
> hoping that you could share your experiences, warnings, intuitions,
> and hopefully even code :-)

Meh.  The event handling and multiplexed IO infrastructure isn't the
part of Zope that needs the most work.  Sure, you can replace ZServer
with Twisted, but in the long run you aren't solving the big problems
by doing so.  If it makes you happy, if you feel its a prerequisite
to getting any real work done, then you might as well do it.
Nevertheless, you don't need everything that twisted brings just to
serve a web page, and for the vast majority of Zope's users, serving
web pages is the only service that anybody cares about.

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