pieter claassen wrote:

For some reason if I do the following:

<textarea name="col1" rows="30" cols="120" ><dtml-var
expr="_.getitem('1_col',0)" html_quote></textarea>

I can edit the html but all dtml is interpreted.

It has not been told to do otherwise.

I am trying to build a dtml page with which I can edit other pages:
1. Any recommendations on how to do this?
2. How do then overwrite the previous page with the edited code?

I could look up the proper API calls, but instead I will point out something more helpful in the long run: if the ZMI can do it, so can you. It's a big heap of examples. Go take a look.

Or look at the methods on the DTML objects and try to figure out the appropriate ones.

This list, btw, is for devlopment of Zope, and not with Zope. That's more appropriate on the main list.


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