Tres Seaver wrote:
> The 'iteritems' method of a dictionary returns an object of type 
> 'dictionary-iterator';  AccessControl.ZopeGuards makes no container 
> assertions about that type, although it *does* permit calling the 
> 'iteritems' method which returns an instance of it.
> I find it interesting that that module wraps 'iterkeys' and 'itervalues' 
> in its 'get_iter' checker, but allows unrestricted access to 'iteritems'.

Yeah I saw that, which is why I asked about it, I couldn't decide if
it was left sort of half-baked on purpose or not.  I assume not, but I
wanted to make sure.
> The following patch will make your use case work (it would need to be 
> prettied up for Python < 2.3):

OK, but really I'm more interested in having this supported in Zope
proper, I can always use .items() instead of .iteritems() and soak the
associated costs if I have to.  Surely making iteritems use a guarded
interator is the Right thing, yes?

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