Hi Chris,

 > ...this is an application level decision. The code currently makes it very easy, 
 > but at the expense of debugging any unexpected exceptions that code throws. 
 > While relational data may be "optional" for you, for many people it is 
 > ESSENTIAL, and is used for things like their auth details, content storage, etc.
 > For them, this piece of code causes MAJOR suffering, especially for intermittent 
 > failures where you can't just insert a print_traceback and try again ;-)

 Ok, understand (I guess ;-)

 > >  If it does not, I would have to go back to an evil bare except ...
 > I wouldn't if I were you:
 > try:
 >      *your zsql method
 > except ConflictError:
 >      raise
 > except Exception:
 >      return "sorry, that certain piece of information is not availabe, because 
 > our sql data base sucks"

 Ok, if this is the proper dance to catch such exceptions with Zope
without risking ZODB corruption I will go with it. So far I have not
been sure, that ConflictError is the only type needing special
treatement in these cases.


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