We (some French researchers in economics and sociology from ENST Bretagne graduate school and CNRS), are working on free-open source software production and diffusion.
To do so we have chosen to focus on some projects, an Zope is one of them.

We have already met some Zope contributors, such as Paul Everitt, and today we survey (http://www-eco.enst-bretagne.fr/Etudes_projets/cgi/questionnaire_Zope.cgi)
Zope developers.

Your answer is very, very important for us, and for statistical reason we ask to everybody on the list to answer. The survey is online and takes 5 to 10 min to fill in (http://www-eco.enst-bretagne.fr/Etudes_projets/cgi/questionnaire_Zope.cgi)

Your answers will remain anonymous and will not be disclosed or used for other purpose than statistic work within that project. Feedback on the survey results will be published as soon as they will be produced.

Thank you very much by advance for your help !

Nicolas Jullien, Didier Demazière, François Horn

PS: in a second time, we will make a survey on the 'whole' Zope community, on Zope-announce. Of course, you won't need to fill in tis questionnary.

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