Chris Withers writes:
 > Clemens Robbenhaar wrote:
 > >  But it is a base exception class in ZOracleDA, however. Thus the
 > > product using it need to explicitely import this exception, and thus
 > > explicitely depend on the used relational database; code needs to be
 > > rewritten if one exchanges the external data base.
 > So, you got sucked into the myth of SQL too? ;-)
 > You'll need to rewrite at least some of your SQL if you change backends, so I 
 > don't see this as a huge problem...

 Well, except if migrating _from_ mySQL, whose features are usually
covered by all other sql data base implementation (some kind of upward
compatibility ;-) 
 (No pun on mySQL, I personally do not like to see more features than a
non-expert can keep in mind anyway ... the sql experts may disagree on
this, of course ;-)

 Actually my code just contains some few "select foo from bar"
statements, so it most probably will not change when migrating the data
base. But I see, my case seems to be a very specific one, and if the sql-db is 
migrated I will survive having to change a few lines ... 

 > > Well, um, yes, at least I am asking if it makes sense to keep the exception
 > > DA.DatabaseError in the code, even it it is not yet / no longer used. 
 > I think it's good ot keep it there so DA authors can subclass it, but not for 
 > stuff to be caught and re-raised as is happening now...

 As I understand  we agree on the original point of the discussion.


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