Following on from work started at the Zope3 Sprint in Melbourne, I've got a release candidate for a Zope scheduler. This is available from http://www.last-bastion.net/ZScheduler, where although the documentation is a little light, I've taken efforts to write online helps, although it's all reasonably intuitive.

This is an attempt at delivering a definitive solution to this issue, and I'm keen to get community feedback as to what additionally is required.

Since I personally am much more familiar with Z2 than Z3, there's only a Z2 release candidate at this stage - once the prescribed functionality is agreed I will produce a Z3 port (well - if I can't find any volunteer(s) ;) ...).

If anybody associated with the recently released ZopeScheduler product (or any other competing product) is listening to this list, could they please make an effort to coordinate with me about the longer-term incantation of both as it's a little pointless not having a single answer to this utility.

Cheers, Alan

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