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Zope 2 has a package named "Zope". Zope 3 has a package named "zope". Starting with Zope 2.8, parts of Zope 3 will be included in Zope 2. As things stand, this will require having both "Zope" and "zope" packages. Python can handle this fine, however, it will require putting the packages in separate directories (for Windows). A typical Zope installation will probably add at least two directories to the Python path, for:

- The Zope software

- Instance (site) specific packages

So adding two directories, rather than one for the Zope software isn't
a big deal.

Of course, having two packages with names differing only in case is a
bit ugly.

Do we want to consider renaming one or both of these packages
to avoid the conflict?

I should have been clearer.

The first question is:

Is it a problem to have two packages with names differing only in case?

I haven't gotten as many responses on this as I expected.  I'll try to summarize
so far:

- Chris feels strongly that this is a problem

- I've been swayed by Chris' response from neutral to thinking that this
  is a problem.

- Tres seems not to think this is a problem, but I'm not sure.

- Fred doesn't seem to think this is a problem.

- I can't tell from Robert's and Stephans responses whether they think this
  is a problem or not.

Perhaps we can get more input on whether there's a problem.

A response with a positive sign (e.g. +1, +0, +2, ...) indicates
agreement that this is a probelm. :)


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