Jim Fulton wrote:
The first question is:

Is it a problem to have two packages with names differing only in case?

I don't see a problem at all; IIRC, we agreed that the backports from Zope3 would live in a 'src' directory, while Zope 2 stuff continues to live in 'lib/python'. No case problem therefore, since they would be in different directories.

I haven't gotten as many responses on this as I expected. I'll try to summarize
so far:

- Chris feels strongly that this is a problem

- I've been swayed by Chris' response from neutral to thinking that this
  is a problem.

- Tres seems not to think this is a problem, but I'm not sure.

- Fred doesn't seem to think this is a problem.

- I can't tell from Robert's and Stephans responses whether they think this
  is a problem or not.

Perhaps we can get more input on whether there's a problem.

A response with a positive sign (e.g. +1, +0, +2, ...) indicates
agreement that this is a probelm. :)


The reason why I don't see a big problem from the aesthetic point of view is that the 'Zope' package isn't used much in Zope2 anyway. Most stuff is in top-level packages such as OFS, App, Acquisition, ZPublisher, ZServer etc. I have Zope2 products that don't even import from 'Zope'. So, who would care? Renaming it would just be a hassle and asking for trouble (esp. regarding incompatabilies).

I can see why it might be embarrassing having to document two package names that only differ by case. For newbies, it might even be confusing (though again, who ever gets in touch with lib/python/Zope?). But so is Zope2's codebase already. Most code is icky and naming conventions simply don't exist.


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