Jim Fulton wrote:

Based on recent discussions, I've created a proposal:


to rename the "zope" package to "z". Unless there are strong
objections, we'll do this after we move the Zope repository head to
subversion at the end of the month.

From a consistency in nomenclature POV, I find 'z' jars a bit with ZConfig, zdaemon, ZEO, zLog, and ZODB, which one might expect to find nested within 'z' (as 'z.Config' for example). This is admittedly only an issue for the newest newbies still trying to guess at where stuff is located.

However, rather than suggest a wholesale moving and renaming of these packages within 'z', I'd like to suggest an alternative short name for the 'zope' package, 'OPE', which avoids this issue:

 import OPE.interface
 from OPE.app import zapi
 from OPE.app.event import publish
 from OPE.app.event.objectevent import ObjectModifiedEvent


- Michael R. Bernstein

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