Michael Bernstein wrote:
Fred Drake wrote:
Hehe. ;-)

(I do hope you're joking!)

About even considering a 'wholesale moving and renaming' yes, obviously, but as far as suggesting 'OPE' as an alternative to 'z' (insofar as it is still necessary to avoid a name-clash with 'Zope'), no. 'OPE' (as an acronym for Object Publishing Environment) seems like it fits better conceptually than 'z'.

Did I miss something? Did I just manage to embarrass myself? Is this a dream where I find I am wearing nothing but underwear in public and then wake up?

Well, OPE made me think of:

- Opie on The Andy Griffith Show - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0053479/

- Spelling it "zOPE" to take advantage of a frequent mishap involving the cAPS lOCK key

- Shouting the name of the product repeatedly in code as a method of advertising

- Friday afternoon

I thought it was funny. :-)


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