Jim Fulton wrote:
Based on recent discussions, I've created a proposal:


to rename the "zope" package to "z". Unless there are strong
objections, we'll do this after we move the Zope repository head to
subversion at the end of the month.

I've gotten enough negative feedback to "z", that I've added an alternative 4 to the proposal:

  4. Rename the Zope package to Zope2 and provide a legacy Zope

- Rename the "Zope" package to "Zope2"

     - Put the Zope 3 "zope" package into the same location as
       "Zope2" in a combined installation.

     - Provide a legacy directory containing a "Zope" package.
       There will be an option to add this to the Python path. This
       option will be enabled by default in Zope 2.8 and disabled by
       default in Zope 2.9.

Importing Zope will cause a deprecation warning.

       The legacy Zope package will have a README.txt file that
       explains what it is and refers people to the zope and Zope2

This would mainly impact Zope 2.

What do people think about alternative 4?


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