--On Dienstag, 20. April 2004 17:19 Uhr -0400 Fred Drake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 > - when adding
 >     LOG = getLogger(...)
 >     LOG.info(...)
 >   to some modules then the output is only written to the event.log but
no  > longer to stdout
 >    (if running in debug mode). Is this change intentional?

I'm not sure what the right approach to fixing this is.  There are a
couple of  choices:

- In debug mode, add a new handler that dumps to standard output.  This is
  fairly easy to code, but is inflexible.

But flexible enough for most usecase. The point is that you want to see the tracebacks
on the console during the development phase. Watching the event.log with tail -f is
somewhat annoying.

- In debug mode, use an alternate or auxillary logging configuration to replace or augment the <eventlog> configuration section. This is more work up front, but keeps everything flexible.

Maybe too much overkill...not sure if one needs an academic solution here...


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